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Whenever you liquidate a small portfolio or convert the stock to cash, it has financial consequences.For example, you may be taxed on capital gains or lose the portfolio's future appreciation.Tax Management Portfolio, Corporate Liquidations, No. 784-3rd, analyses the tax considerations in connection with the liquidation of a corporation. The principal focus of the Portfolio is on liquidations after the repeal of the General Utilities doctrine by the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Other forms of ownership, such as limited liability partnerships, have replaced the traditional C corporation structure for many small businesses.If you decide to change to another form of business organization, close your operations permanently or sell your business to another, you will likely need to liquidate the corporation.Sales of stocks produce either a capital loss or gain.

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For example, to sell your shares at the best market price, you should avoid moving a large number of shares into the market at one time, which will cause the stock price to decline.In addition, if your shares don't trade frequently or the shares were issued by a private company, get advice about liquidating your portfolio from one or more brokers.Before you liquidate your stock, consider the tax implications of doing so. Borden is a professor at Brooklyn Law School in Brooklyn, New York. O'Connor is a partner at Venable LLP in Baltimore, Maryland; Tysons Corner, Virginia; and Washington, D. State law grants partnerships and LLCs the power to merge with other entities. Schneider is a director (partner) at Goulston & Storrs PC in Washington, D. Once parties decide to combine the assets and liabilities of two or more partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs) taxed as partnerships or to divide such an entity into more than one entity, they are generally left to choose the form that provides the most advantageous tax results.For example, if you sell at a gain a share that has been in your portfolio for more than a year, the profit is subject to a capital-gains tax.