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The French Army is forced to use steel cased 5.56mm ammunition, thus eliminating the advantages of using the same cartridge as their NATO and EU allies.It that was not bad enough, the ammunition is no longer made in France and has ben to imported.To apply for a Big Game Licence you must be 18 years of age or older by Aug. A person who holds a big game licence issued through the draw process may hold only one big game licence to shoot a moose or one big game licence to shoot a caribou in a 12-month period ending the 30th day of April.The above does not prevent the holder of either of these licences from holding a regular caribou hunting licence for Labrador, nor does it prevent the holder of a special caribou licence or a regular caribou licence from holding one of the big game licences issued through the draw process.Rifles from Neighboring Countries H&K 416 (Germany) The H&K416 has good reputation, the AR-15 is well known system, Used by Norway, Turkey, USMC and French Army Special Forces.

Based on years of research and collecting specimens, Dean Thomas accurately identifies the ammo, where it was made, the contract details, how it was packed, and often, where it was shipped.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

In addition to the Regulations For All Hunters, these regulations apply to Big Game Hunters.

Great information including much historical data on the companies that made the cartridges, as well as details on the unbelievable number of variations that exist in this popular collecting specialty. This is my favorite cartridge book out of the dozens I own. Previously owned copy but would almost pass for new except for two small (1/2”) tears at the top of the back dust jacket.