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The other thing is the variation of male performers.

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), “All you have to do is add a little vinegar or lemon juice to milk and you get the same thing.

Unless we’re talking durian, then all bets are off… Durian.) There are probably quite a few of you out there saying, “Oh pish,” (Someone other than me says that, right? I just Now that you know more than you probably ever wanted to know about buttermilk let’s get onto the ‘Why make my own?

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Buttermilk Cornbread Rounds Based on my Grandma’s Buttermilk Cornbread recipe, these perfectly portioned cornbread rounds fit neatly in the hand and go anywhere cornbread goes, but look cuter doing it! We’re talking about a decadent, Garam Masala flavored chocolate cake with orange buttercream and toasted coconut. I only take issue with the number of servings Val specified in it. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention these others… Let it sit there for 12 to 24 hours, until thickened. I always feel like I’m stickin’ it to the man when I do homemade stuff like this.

Place in a warm (but not hot) area out of direct sunlight. If you re-culture this regularly, you can carry on re-culturing indefinitely.

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My company has had a relatively informal, somewhat relaxed working environment in the past, where colleagues generally got along well and we had a decent time together, even while working hard.

Unfortunately, that balance has recently been upended in department I work in.

It was an unusual moment, to say the least, and reactions ranged from amusement to mild horror.(If you asked Monica, she would would say she only had a light hold to avoid getting kicked during a playful moment that went too far.

If you asked Rachel, she’d say she was rendered largely immobile and humiliated.