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When I finish editing the row, I rebind the datagrid because I want the record that was just edited to drop of the grid.I want to retrieve the primary key value of the row that was updated and pass it to a method so I can do some additional processing on the based on that Data Key.

We define a connection in the web.config file and give a name to the connection string.

You access the values stored in the event by index or name:e. So, to update, you might set the parameters as id = e.

PS: location name is not an integer You don't access the table cells by name. So, basically, instead of looking for table cells, look for the appropriate e. New Values Hi mckrecker,thanks for your reply but I dont need to differ between old and new valuessince I set a datakey which is the unique ID in my db and I updatewhere unique ID = @unique IDselected of course, if I have 20 columns I could define 20 data keys but I justwondered if there is another way instead of: Sql Data Source Locations.

I just need to get it working with the "real" one from thegridview row Sql Data Source Locations. Add("Location Name Update", Type Code.[String], "dd") Dim select Row As Grid View Row = Grid View Locations.

New Values("Location ID"); ok the the update worked when I assign a mock value..