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She is likely to try a number of different manipulative tricks.Countless stepmoms can’t understand why their partner’s ex refuses to acknowledge them or treat them with basic human decency.) Is it possible that I have been his rebound girlfriend for two years and he still isn't over his ex after 3 years?!It's also messed up because I have been completely loyal to him, and she cheated on him with one of his best friends, (why would he want her back?She feels very vulnerable and thinks that you are out to steal her childrens father.

It's very unlikely that you're been a rebound girlfriend for this long.Many people, both men and women, experience a range of emotions when they are going through a divorce.They act out in ways that aren't aligned with their innate personalities. And the act of name-calling may be a way to relieve these feelings.However, at a certain point, it can also be a challenge thinking this could leave you with yet another broken heart like the one you had before.With all these telltale signs, your intuition will still ultimately be your best guard.So is your ex really a sociopath or a narcissist, or is he just acting out?