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One dayyy please cast Lee Min Ho and Lee Min Jung as leads in an well-written drama. But Lee Min Jung and Lee Mi Ho look amazing on the screen in drama. I will volunteer to do the whole story and scripting for the cunning single lady Part II :) Pretty. I wish i could go to South Korea someday to meet her, have a picture and if given a chance, have a pleasant date with her.
According to our sources, Game's fiancee Tiffney Cambridge, filed a police report last weekend ...

Dating 2 months havent been to his house

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It sounds like it’s time to ask all of the big questions, even if you’re afraid of the answers. How long does his ex think he’s going to stick around?

When he says there’s tension in his living situation, what does he mean? RAMBLINROWSThe status quo is not going to change unless you take charge and set it in motion. CONNORMACLEODSorry, it’s time for your non-boyfriend to change his living situation.

And yet, most guys walk all over a nice girl when they fall in love with one. Some girls I’ve pursued harder and some girls I’ve never given a damn about *even though they were absolute stunners!

* [Read: 20 reasons why a guy may never really like you back] If what most people say were to be true, that guys fall for only a girl’s appearance all the time, then every single good looking girl in the world must be experiencing the best relationship in the world, wouldn’t you say? There are so many great looking girls who are bitter in love and are walked over by guys all the time. The dating code for girls To have the best relationships of your life, you need to understand these dating girl codes.

That decision is coming from the totally wrong place.

And more importantly, I don’t believe in feeling guilty over sleeping with a man too early.

] But before going any further into these dating codes for girls, let’s spend a few lines on what attracts guys to a girl and make her desirable. A guy definitely does fall for a girl’s appearance. But beyond that, there’s something a lot more crucial that you need to know to keep a guy interested in you.

And that’s the real secret code behind the game of romance and making a guy fall hard for you. If you’ve been seeing a guy for less than a couple of months and haven’t given the relationship a real name, you’re in the dating phase.

[Read: How to impress a guy in 13 oh-so-awesome ways! [Read: How to make a guy like you by making him and other guys want you] But then again, a girl’s appearances may give her a second glance, and her attractiveness may draw a guy to her for a date or two.

Then he asked me if I wanted to have sex.""I burst out laughing and said no, I'm not ready and I wasn't afraid to tell him."Then she collapsed in a fit of giggling. In a way, when you befriend your saboteur, it is as if your sweet fourteen year old self, the one that was so terribly hurt and disappointed in love all those years ago, is being given a second chance. He smelled really good and l remember how the fabric of his yellow turtle neck felt under my fingers.

"Last night we had a long talk about sex, about what we like and don't like, fantasies and stuff like that. I can’t stop thinking about him and I want to be with him all the time.”Genevieve’s delight is so tangible, I replay her story over and over in my mind. I made myself wait for a few moments before I answered the door bell even though I wanted to run out and meet him in the parking lot.

The two phases of romance To experience a happy relationship with a guy, you need to understand the two phases in romance. And anything romantic beyond those first couple of months, you’re in the relationship phase.

[Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples go through] If you want to experience a perfect relationship with a guy, it’s very important that you play your part well in both these phases.